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The Celtfather Presents

The Celtfather... 

Meet Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. He's a Celtic Geek who plays Sci F'Irish music. That's like Irish drinking songs fused together with science fiction and fantasy. It's a thing! 

The Celtfather loves music. He loves to travel. He loves his Celtic heritage and science fiction. Don your kilt and get inspired by exciting travels to Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic adventures. Enjoy stories about music inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Firefly, and even cats.

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Nov 1, 2019

Greetings Gunn Runner

Life in Atlanta is finally settling down, at least a little bit. I'm starting to get ahead on podcasts, book local gigs, and I have news about my next album. I'll even tell you the name...

First, my blog is becoming packed. I always considered blogs to be very important for any entrepreneur, especially musicians. Once upon a time, when Google was trying not to be evil, it was a great source of traffic. That's no longer the case. But it is still important.

That's why I'm keeping the blog updated. I post most of my podcasts there. I'm starting to share my newsletter there. But I'm also getting back to just blogging to share new interesting things in my career.

So if you haven't check it out in a while, please head on over.


Andrew and I are trying to release a monthly Brobdingnagian Bard Podcast. We've been mostly successful. But we've also been trying to come up with fun and unique and regular content for our Nagians Only Club. We finally have that. Members of the Bards Patreon page now get to hear us talk about individual songs from our CDs. And more. We recorded two last week. The first is online. So if you're a fan of the Bards, I think you'll enjoy these short bits.

The Pub Songs Podcast is now on its every other week schedule. I'm starting to plan ahead for that show. I'm also planning episodes of its sister podcast Stories from the Road.

This one is exclusive to $5+ members of the Gunn Runners Club. Twice a week, I am chatting about songs or travels or thoughts in my head. And I share them in podcast form on Monday and Friday. And yes, this is now a part of that schedule. But most of them are private. Just for my generous supporters like you!

The latest Pub Songs Podcast tackles the new Celtic Invasion Vacations itinerary. I finally published it online. But it's short. So I go into more detail to try and help you better understand what kind of fun we will have in Italy next year. Because that's where we're going...

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is gearing up for the holidays. I did a Celtic Halloween episode. I shared a couple years of feedback that I hadn't before published. And I answer the question "Why do I use the term Celtic music" for the podcast.

I also hope to have the first of two Celtic Christmas Podcast episodes coming out in a couple weeks. I kinda wonder why I do this podcast. But a couple new episodes a year is not too bad a thing for the good will it provides.

Hunting Dragons is a new podcast. Actually, it is the old Pirates vs Dragons podcast I released a few years back to promote the CD. The feed had issues and was killed by iTunes. I fixed all that and renamed it. You can now listen to the true story of how I was shanghaied by air pirates to hunt dragons.


Nov 15: Brennan's Irish Pub, Birmingham, AL
Nov 16: Pepper Place Farmer's Market, Birmingham, AL
Nov 29-31: Starbase Indy, Indianapolis, IN

Jan 10-12: GaFilk, Atlanta, GA (not a guest)
Jan 24: Interstellar Ginger Beer & Exploration Co, Alabaster, AL
Jan 25: Maggie McGuinness Pub, Huntsville, AL
Mar 20-22: Cleveland ConCoction, Cleveland, OH
May 14-17: California Autoharp Gathering, Dunlap, CA
Sep 30-Oct 4: ALEP 5, Shakerstown, KY

Weds 10:30 AM EDT: Coffee with The Celtfather, Facebook, YouTube
Restream. Venmo. Tips.

The Celtic Halloween concert was a big attendance success and fun show. But tips and sales were not so great.


Mailing list subscribers = 1015 is up from 1006

YouTube Subscribers = 4285 is up 22 from 4263
YouTube Watch Time = 26.3 is down from 30.0K and I figured out why
YouTube Views = 9.4K is down from 11.6K

Facebook Likes = 3642 is up from 3630
FB Page Views = 481 is slightly down from 486
FB Reach = 5808 is up from 4357
FB Video Views = 3386 is up from 2325

Spotify Latest Single Stats: "When She Held Me in Her Arms": 647 is up from 578
Spotify followers: 1375 is up 22 from 1353
# Number of listens on Spotify: 2053 is down from 2061
Most-popular songs on Spotify: The Widow and the Devil (1.3K), Doctor of Gallifrey (469), Reavers, Malcolm Reavers (251)

Top Irish & Celtic Music: 398 is up from 394
Fun Christmas Songs for Kids & Families: 1433 is down from 1539 in February

Patreon Subscribers: 158 is up 2
Patreon Monthly Income: $962 is up from $961

CD News

I have a new CD in the works. It's called SELCOUTH which means "When everything feels strange and different yet you find it marvelous anyway."

My plan is to record my parts these next couple o'months. I'll launch a Kickstarter in January. If you want more details now, listen to the Stories from the Road podcast on Patreon.

If you'd like to be included in the feedback section of the Pub Songs Podcast, use the hashtag #pubsongs. I would love to make the show more interactive. Look for questions on Facebook. I'm using those too.

Thanks as always for supporting my music. Remember. You can help me create and release more music. Join the Gunn Runners Club to step behind-the-scenes with bonus podcasts, new music, video, and live concerts.