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The Celtfather Presents

The Celtfather... 

Meet Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. He's a Celtic Geek who plays Sci F'Irish music. That's like Irish drinking songs fused together with science fiction and fantasy. It's a thing! 

The Celtfather loves music. He loves to travel. He loves his Celtic heritage and science fiction. Don your kilt and get inspired by exciting travels to Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic adventures. Enjoy stories about music inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Firefly, and even cats.

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Mar 14, 2017

This year's St. Patrick's Day promotions have been a lot easier and far more worth my time than they have in past years. That doesn't mean I still haven't run into Troubles with both time... and people! But I am finding a bit of freedom with a big success on the charts.


What kind of St Patrick's Day music I am I sharing this year?

I also finished my annual article "17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day". Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine to be notified about where you can download that on March 15, 2017.

This week, I will release episode #300 of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, featuring 2-Hours of St Patrick's Day Music!

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is also featured on the Podcast Homepage on iTunes!!!!


The Troubles

Last year, one of my podcast assistants was emailed by a Celtic musician saying he took offense to me using the moniker "The Celtfather". I thought we were friends, even if not close. So I emailed the musician directly and inquired.

Six months later, I got a response. His trouble with me stems from two things. 

  1. That I don't know much about "traditional [Irish or Scottish] music".
  2. That I make money off of other musicians through the podcast.

Both accounts are true. Last year, when I was writing tunes (instrumental Celtic music) with Kilted Kings, I realized I still don't intuitively know the difference between jigs, reels, polkas and hornpipes. I'm still crap at determining different types of tunes. I am slowly learning. But sort of like my understanding of pronouncing Gaelic, it's not fast.

As for the podcast, this has weighed on me a LOT over the years. However, I have lost money most of the years of the podcast. It really hasn't been until the last 2 years when I got on Patreon that I have truly pulled the podcast into the black.

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast pulls in between $1100-1600 per month on Patreon. I donate 10% of that money to Celtic Non-Profits. I spend about $450 per month for web hosting, MP3 hosting, mailing list and internet so I can get those files online

In 2013, when last I checked my monthly expenses, I spent another $250 per month on average on tech support, web maintenance, some some light promotion.

Last year, I hired a guy to help share stuff on Facebook. I also spend about $100-200 per month advertising on Facebook.  That's about $300 right there. 

So that means I'm earning between -$100-$400 per month from the podcast. Plus, I advertise my Celtic Invasion Vacations and once and a while my shows.

So while I do hope that one day I might have a good solid part-time income from the podcast, at present I don't. I make money most months.


What it boils down is this podcast is for Celtic music fans. It always has been. If I didn't love the music, I should've stopped losing money years ago and focused on my music career. But I love Celtic music. And I love helping Celtic bands. 

Which is why if someone wants to criticize me for doing so, I should just ignore them. If they can't appreciate that, then it's on them.

Thanks for listening to my rant. My apologies for rambling. But as I said, it's weighed on my mind.



Final Notes

If you're not yet subscribed to The Celtfather, click here. While you're there, you can join my mailing list to get some free MP3s and sample my music. You can also join the Gunn Runners Club there as well. Do so before March 17, 2017 and I'll send you an autographed copy of Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day.

Finally, don't miss my internet concerts.