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Meet Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. He's a Celtic Geek who plays Sci F'Irish music. That's like Irish drinking songs fused together with science fiction and fantasy. It's a thing! 

The Celtfather loves music. He loves to travel. He loves his Celtic heritage and science fiction. Don your kilt and get inspired by exciting travels to Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic adventures. Enjoy stories about music inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, hobbits, Firefly, and even cats.

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Aug 19, 2018

Mikey Mason popped up on my radar a few years back. I heard he had an awesome Browncoat song called "She Don't Like Firefly". So I invited him to play at my Firefly Drinking Songs show at Gen Con. He was amazing addition to the show. He got the crowd revved up for fun. That made the rest of the show a breeze.

You see, Mikey Mason is a brilliant musician and entertainer. He was a touring comedian for many years. He knows how to work a crowd.

When that first show ended, we realized we needed to do more shows together. So he repeated his amazing performance for the Firefly show at Dragon Con. Then we joked, we should take this show on the road.

Flash forward a few years and that is exactly what we are doing. This December, we launch the Blue Sun Holiday Spectacular. We're gonna sing some Firefly, Celtic, and geeky songs, plus a few holiday favorites. We're gonna have fun with you on the road.

We're planning six shows for the initial launch. If everything goes well, we hope to add more tour dates in 2019.

In this episode, I chat with Mikey Mason about how he fell in love with Firefly, which character he most associates with, and then we start brainstorming the idea of doing a Firefly podcast together...with fresh new songs inspired by the show.

If that sounds like a lot of Shiny fun, then you don't want to miss this show and find out how you can make this podcast happen.

Check out Mikey's video "She Don't Like Firefly". Then find out more about Mikey Mason and listen to his music on his website. He'll be at Dragon Con Labor Day weekend 2018.

You can watch Firefly Drinking Songs at Dragon Con this year on Friday night of the convention.


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