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I plan to make 2019 my biggest year for live streaming internet concerts. Every other month, you can watch me perform for free on YouTube.

The next #CeltfatherLive is just is TBA. But you can join me every week for Coffee with The Celtfather.

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How You Can Support #CeltfatherLive

#CeltfatherLive shows are free to watch.

However, your generosity is what keeps the shows running each and every month. If you appreciate the music I share, there are four ways you can keep the shows coming:

  1. Put money in my Virtual Tip Jar. Any amount is fine: $1, $4, $20, $1275. I will happily accept whatever you so generously give.

  2. Make a $5 Song Request through YouTube's Super Chat.

  3. Buy CDs or Merch in my Store. You'll find new items added every couple weeks.

  4. Join the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. Patronage is the saving grace for modern musicians, especially as CD sales are replaced by streaming music. Plus, Heroic Patrons will get bonus additional live streaming concerts!

If you can't tip right now, don't worry. My ultimate goal is to bring you happiness. So just watch. Tell a friend. Make the signal go farther. Have fun with your fellow Gunn Runners. And sing along. Let me know what you think of the show.

Thank you so much for supporting my music.


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